Premium LED Cigarette and Tobacco Gantry Single



Due to tobacco advertising regulations since April 6th 2015 all cigarette gantries must have doors to obscure tobacco products. Our cabinet has been designed with this purpose in mind.

Made of steel with a polymeric coat of paint, this dispenser has 1 shelf and 12 columns.

Equipped with an interconnecting rail system similar to that of blinds, all flaps open in tandem with the operation of only one lever.

All shelves are retractable and pull out like drawers for easy stock replenishment.

The exterior of the dispenser is framed with contour LED lighting as are all the individual shelves.

Each shelf has a 30mm epos strip for brand names and pricing.



Premium LED Cigarette and Tobacco Gantry Single

Item Details

• Complies to Regulations
• LED Illuminations
• Interconnecting Flap/Blinds System
• Retractable Draws for Easy Refill
• 1 Shelf & 12 Columns
• 12 Visible Brands

• Holds 180 Packets
• Integral Pusher System
• Compact Design

Item Specifications

• Height: 260mm
• Width: 830mm
• Depth: 420mm


Additional information

Weight 30 kg