• Gondola Bay 1.4m tall – 8 Shelves 370.300

    From: £113.00

      It is important to remember that a single Shelving Bay consists of only ONE BASE LEG and ONE UPRIGHT.…

  • Shelf Talker “SALE” (Pack of 10)


    Very easy to install and customise. Comes Pre-printed White on Red with the word SALE Simply slide onto the epos…

  • Price Gun Labels 26×12 CT4

    From: £33.00

    Compatible with all popular brands of 26x12 price guns. These CT4 26x12 peel-able labels come in boxes of 30 Reels.…

  • Premium LED Cigarette and Tobacco Gantry


    FREE DELIVERY Due to tobacco advertising regulations since April 6th 2015 all cigarette gantries must have doors to obscure tobacco…


  • Slatwall Euro Hook (Pack of 25)

    From: £14.03

    Slatwall display panels and accessories are a simple yet effective way to transform a plain wall into a modern product…



    All our displays are made from high grade Acrylic, not cheaper plastics. Unlike plastic, Acrylic will not yellow with exposure…

  • Rustic Bread & Bakery Display


    Complete with Wooden Shelves This easy to assemble Bakery Display Unit will compliment any shop with it's rustic wooden design and professional factory…

  • Acrylic Unishelf with 2 Dividers

    From: £33.66

    2 Acrylic Dividers Included Our modern acrylic Universal Shelves are fully compatible with all 50 pitch shelving. The shelves are constructed…

  • Square Compact Wire Dump Bin


    Wire Dump Bins are a simple and effective way to display promotional products. Perfect for clearance items and special offers.…

  • Plastic Shopping Baskets – 28 Litre Capacity (Pack of 5)


    All our shopping baskets are made from high grade materials to ensure a longer life span, giving you great value…

  • Price Cassette with Labels & Grip (Pack of 5)


    Price Cassette and Labels with Grip Clip Complete with interchangeable price and quantity labels

  • Power Drill Display Holder (3 Pack)


    Compatible with both SDS and Standard Chucks Manufactured from durable and hard wearing  galvanised steel Holds your power drills in…

  • Acrylic Newspaper Divider


    Our Acrylic and Wire Riser range is perfect for keeping your products safe and secure. These are a must when…

  • Slatwall Back Panel (Pack of 12)

    From: £34.56

    Slatwall back panels and accessories are a simple yet effective way to create a modern product display feature. A quick…

  • POP Clip U48 (Pack of 10)


    These are a simple yet effective promotional tool. Attaches with a sturdy spring loaded clamp. Ideal for holding promotional cards…

  • Upright Extensions

    From: £4.76

    Upright extensions are used to easily increase the height of your display and add a few more shelves. No need…